As a manufacturer of innovative heating solutions that use renewable energy, ISM Energie offers a new concept for heating or producing domestic hot water to all installers, hardware dealers, architects and design offices.

1. Self-consumption systems.

ISM Energie is a designer and manufacturer of automatic self-consumption systems for recovering and storing photovoltaic and wind energy, and its product range includes solutions for both individuals and communal buildings.

2. Stratified storage tanks.

In collaboration with its German partner Ratiotherm, ISM Energie offers heating and domestic hot water production solutions based on renewable energy, which have been specially designed and correctly proportioned for communal buildings. A full range of high-capacity stratified storage tanks with integrated hydraulics enables you to meet all your needs in terms of the quantity and efficiency required for this type of system.

  • COMMUNITIES : Town halls, schools, multipurpose halls, sports complexes
  • INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS: Factories, commercial spaces, offices, rental properties
  • PUBLIC OR PRIVATE BUILDINGS : Schools, swimming pools, campsites, holiday cottages, hotels, retirement homes, administrative buildings, military buildings…
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